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Primitive Supply provides training for the individual as a one on one or group training. If you are interested in just a single skill we can focus on a single topic, or we can provide all the basics. These include plant fiber technology's, friction fire skills, primitive weapons, dead fall traps and snares, shelter, primitive navigation, and water. We can tailor the training to suit your personal needs.
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I want to talk to the gun owners, and potential gun owners in this country. The federal Government is about restricting you rights to own and use your firearms. They are coming at you with the ammunition availability. They have allready made is all but impossible to buy, now they are going to make it where it only has a short shelf life so that you cannot build up your ammo supply, for your own fortification, and self defense. The ammo is like fuel it will not go back to it's original price, it is only going to go higher.

With that said i want to help you understand that as a former Navy SEAL, I have handled and shot every small arm known to man in every situation that can be named. I have given this topic a great deal of thought, and I have a great deal of experience in what I am discussing right now. That is This. THE SLINGSHOT THAT I MAKE IS THE NUMBER ONE ALTERNATIVE TO YOUR FIREARM BE IT PISTOL OR RIFLE. If you want to stay armed, and remain secure in your home, My slingshots are the answer to the alternative of not being able to aquire ammo or firearms in the near future. Keep in mind I didn't say that my slingshot is better than a firearm, no far from it, BUT, it is the number one alternative to your fire arm. 

If you handle or own one of my slingshots, and can bring yourself up to the potential that my slingshot possess, you can do the same thing with my slingshot, that you can with a pistol or a rifel. Of course you can't make shots out to 200 yards, but, within the normal firearms ranges 30 yards and under the slingshot can be just as effective as a pistol, or a rifel. Again i repeat, that is if you bring yourself up to the POTENTIAL of the slingshot, and use it to it's fullness. I have personally killed Deer at 30 yards, and that with witnesses while training the SEALs in a survival situation. 

If you are a gun owner, and are feeling the effects of the squeeze from the ammo shortage, and the kind of documentation the Feds want to buy a pistol or a rifel, you need to aquirte one of my models of slingshots, and become an expert with this awesome slingshot. I myself after 45 years of slingshot use have still not fully harnessed to full potential of my slingshot. But with that said don't even imagine that at 20 yards that I can't make my slingshot do what any pistol can do to either animal or human.

You owe it to yourself to purchase one of my slingshots, and learn how to use it to it fullest effective potential, you won't be disappointed.

best regards to all my customers.........Madison parker 

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