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​Best suited to the big single bands can be fitted with double bands. Laminated with Birch Mulitiplex and domestic wood  can be made from exotic wood.
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First regarding the slingshots The "THUD" I use this particular slingshot for myself.
I don't recommend that a beginner slinger start with the big tubes.
The "THUD" can accomadate either the big tubes, or the double tubes.
The "THUMPER" is best suited to the double tubes.
The "THUNDER" is also best suited to the double tubes.
I reccomend that anybody that can make it happen to come to my course in order to learn from me about the best way to use my slingshot. That is not mandatory, but is very helpful.
I build my slingshots for the purpose of hunting, but they can be used for target shooting.
If properly used and the maintanence is kept, my slingshots are good for 3000 shots. Without a band change.
The slingshot that I make can be effectively used in a trap or snare engine.

Best suited for double bands laminated with Birch Multiplex domestic wood or exotic wood.
Double bands laminated with Birch Multiplex domestic wood or exotic wood.
Lead Ammo 100 Count
Led ammo rounds max 200 rounds per order.
Steel Ammo 100 Count
Replacement Bands
Steel ammo rounds max order of 200 rounds per order.
Replacement bands for all three models of slingshot. We have multiple available to cover your slingshot needs. 
Fat Lighter
Flint Steal Kits
Proven Bow Drill Kit